The Minnesota School Social Worker Association in partnership with the MN Department of Education has developed instructions for ICD-10 billing for use in special education.

CLICK HERE:   ICD-10 Instructions              

Introductions and instruction: These instructions are for members of the Minnesota School Social Workers Association professional association and School Social Workers statewide to support compliance with requirements for ICD-10-CM (International Classification of Disorders and Diseases, version 10, Clinical Manifestations) codes for Individualized Education Program (IEP) health related services.

Important Points to be aware:

Schools are required to bill health insurers for health related, medically necessary services included in a child’s IEP. See the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) resources for schools at the DHS IEP Services webpage.  Note that the Provider Manual includes the criteria and instructions

Review requirements for all health providers in identifying ICD-10-CM codes for children receiving IEP health related services in order to bill for health related services. Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) and Education (MDE) joint guidance and resources are located at DHS IEP Services webpage.

Scope of Practice: School Social Workers adhere to standards set forth by the Minnesota Board of Social work in accordance to licensure and standards of practice.

o Authority and responsibility for assessment of children and youth, identifying health conditions and development of intervention or treatment plans to remove or reduce the problem or to mitigate the impact of the problem in an individual’s life must align with Minnesota Board of Social Work scope of practice standards.

Commonly used ICD-10-CM codes for health conditions most often addressed by School Social Workers: See attached list

o Examples provided show how, for each condition, the needs of a child could be described in the child’s IEP assessment or IEP plan.

Include instructions for use of ICD-10-CM codes when supervising para professionals

Include caveats regarding the need to assure the health condition code and IEP assessment and plan must be individualized for each child or youth.

CLICK HERE:  Commonly Used ICD-10 codes for school social workers 


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