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School Social Workers provide a vital link among the school, home and community. Most School Social Workers are involved in providing services to all students. Most provide direct services to students and their families including casework, group work and classroom presentations as well as providing crisis intervention and consultation and making referrals to community agencies.

School Social Workers are part of the assessment process for special education students as well as often providing direct and indirect services to those students. School Social Workers consult with teachers and administrators and frequently participate on teams within the schools. Click here to download School Social Work brochure.

Scope of Practice Paper

School Social Workers Remove Barriers to Academic Success by:

Partnering with Administration:

  • Ensuring compliance with special education laws.
  • Developing and implementing prevention programs/policies which address issues such as:
    1. School Attendance
    2. Bullying
    3. Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse
    4. Teen Pregnancy
    5. Violence
    6. Suicide and Sudden Death
    7. Child Abuse and Neglect
    8. School Safety

Supporting Teachers

  • Identifying barriers to learning.
  • Designing and implementing academic and behavioral interventions.
  • Facilitating the special education process.
  • Understanding of family, cultural and community factors impacting students.
  • Engaging parents in their student’s education.

Serving Students

  • Supporting needs to ensure maximum benefit from their education experience
  • Learning and executing problem solving skills
  • Becoming resilient, successful learners
  • Improving relationships
  • Identifying mental health needs and locating access to services

Engaging Families

  • Understanding of school policies and services available
  • Communicating student’s developmental and educational needs
  • Empowering participation relative to decisions, procedures and meetings affecting their student
  • Strengthening parenting skills
  • Linking to supports and resources

Collaborating with Outside Agencies

  • Understanding school policies, programs and practices
  • Coordinating delivery of educational and mental health services
  • Developing resources to adequately meet the needs of students and families.

Julie Campanelli

Sherry Murphy

Courtney Stenseth

Brianna Nelson

Legislative Chair
Christy McCoy

Professional Development Chair
Abby Refsland

Kate Adams

Cara McGlynn

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